Which content management systems are the biggest finance sector companies using in Nordic countries? We dug deeper in our database to find this out. It appeared, that Episerver remains as the most popular platform. Not surprisingly tailor-made solutions are on the second place. The bronze medal goes side-by-side to Sitecore and WordPress.

Finance sector has complicated processes and a large variety of backend systems. Also, many companies are doing business in different countries using different languages. One site may have many content providers with different access rights. Same content may be automatically used in different functions. Therefore, it is a natural consequence, that the CMS variety they use is capable for serving complex processes.

Number one

Episerver takes 25 percent market share. The vast majority of the finance sector companies using Episerver are located in Sweden. Our previous data review shows that Swedish companies prefer using Episerver over other systems. But like said, that is obviously not the only reason in this case. Companies using Episerver are for example Sampo Group and Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB.

Number two

Tailor-made site is the second most popular way to carry out a web site of a finance sector company. Some companies on our list appeared to have hints of CMS usage on their web sites. We, however, classified them to be tailor-made if they were heavily altered and perhaps had several CMS technologies in use at the same time. Examples of tailor-made web sites are DNB ASA and Svenska Handelsbanken AB.

Number three

Both Sitecore and WordPress takes the third place. WordPress is the only CMS in this review that is meant for fulfilling little bit lighter requirements than others. EnterCard Group AB is a good example of informative site with little or no interaction that is carried out using WordPress. On the other hand, WordPress can be stretched to fit a bit bigger requirement set. Secto Automotive Group Oy has a simple site with many blogs. It has been enlarged with used car site with faceted car search and loan calculator, which is in its own subdomain, but is also based on WordPress. Danske Bank A/S uses Sitecore comprehensively. Almost every part of the site is based on it. Eika Forsikring AS has the same approach on their web site.

Other positions

Enonic CMS is based on Java. It is popular in Norway and gets 5 percent market share in this review. Gjensidige is one of the financial companies using it. SDL Tridion also gets 5 percent market share. Livsforsikringsselskapet Nordea Liv Norge AS has build their site with it. The site is rather simple and leads often to other Nordea pages, but as nordea.no uses SDL Tridion on their site, it is reasoned to use it for life insurance business too.

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