When you look at the web technology platforms different companies use, the most popular open source products are still going strong. If we compare purely the number of installations, WordPress and Drupal are leaders of the pack. Free license attracts buyers, but the products are also very suitable for typical website implementation scenarios.

Magento and Episerver are leaders within the commercially licenses solutions. Magento is naturally a pure ecommerce solution with capabilities for both B2C and B2B cases. It must be noted that Magento’s open source version is also very commonly used. Episerver has expanded the product’s capabilities towards online trade, and is a potential option for both website and ecommerce scenarios.

There are plenty of alternatives in the market and the making the choice which one is the right one for me is difficult. To make it easier to compare different technologies, we compiled together typically used systems into one directory. The directory presents both content management systems (CMS) and ecommerce platforms that are popular in Finland (in Finnish). The directory has been divided into two sections:

  1. Most popular technical platforms in Finland
  2. Less commonly used technical platforms in Finland

The most commonly used solutions are the ones that have:

  • a wide variety of technical implementations,
  • several local implementation partners, and
  • dozens of technical and/or consultative experts available.

The directory is based on our experience over the years. Since our establishment in 2012, we have completed hundreds of competitive bidding processes, evaluated numerous proposals, compiled several technology reviews and followed constantly the market and it’s development. The directory includes a total of 24 different web technology platforms.

Market is buzzing about DXPs (Digital Experience Platform). Many of the presented products have profiled themselves as DXPs but usually this is just talk of the marketing people. Different systems have different capabilities and most of these DXPs are originally content management or web publishing systems. That just doesn’t sound so cool. And remember to be critical when you evaluate options presented in global analyst companies’ research reports. The situation in Finland and in the Nordics is totally different.

If you need assistance in evaluating what system would support you in achieving your business objectives of just in comparing different products, do not hesitate to contact us.

Check out the directory of most popular web technology platforms in Finland:

Unfortunately the directory is available only in Finnish. If you need the English version, we recommend using Google Translate for now.

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