Quite a few do dare! Few years ago, we helped Kojamo (by then still VVO) with design and implementation of their new web store. A totally new renting process was very well adopted, because the availability of the rental apartments was (and is) poor in the Helsinki city area. Especially those moving in from distant locations thought that it is a good idea to rent a home on the Internet without even seeing it.

Right now, however, the situation is totally different. Kauppalehti tells in an article about Kojamo, that in the mid November 2018 over 7500 rental contracts had been done in the service.

“Already over 7500 rental contracts has been made in Lumo web store, when in June the number was 4000. On monthly basis about 30 % of all the new Lumo contracts and about 80% of contracts regarding to new houses are done online.”

Based on a quick calculation the speed is not quite up to 1000 contracts per month, but it is not much under it. All in all, the volume is around 100-200 rental contracts online every week. This can be considered a big number when it is about contracts of thousands of euros.

If someone is still doubting that the consumers are not ready to make bigger purchases based on the information on the Internet, it is time to rethink.

>> Read about our case from few years back how Lumo web store was born.

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