May 20, 2014

Drupal and EPiServer seem to be the most common adversaries in Finland right now when it comes to big website projects. Therefore we decided to publish some comparison slides that help to figure out the main differences between these systems.

After all, the two systems are quite different kinds of beasts. Especially from the content producer’s perspective it is quite a different thing to do an EPiServer project than a Drupal project. Also living with a commercial product or with an open source ecosystem is quite different story from client organisation’s point of view.

Here are the comparison slides:

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To summarize:

If online service is your core business, Drupal is a strong platform for accelerating your own type of development — even a very unique and magnificent one. It is no coincidence that media companies are big players in the Drupal camp. Drupal’s model is also well applicable to extreme multi-channel publishing and performance.

If your online service is primarily sales and marketing oriented, EPiServer’s product features should get you excited. Web teams producing multi-language marketing sites, in particular, should consider EPiServer as a power tool.